Vaccine injections through patches!

New York: Many people are frightened when they see an injection needle during vaccination. Researchers around the world are currently considering different options to overcome this fear. Now American scientists have created a 3D printed vaccine patch. This will make vaccination easier and painless.

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States and the University of North Carolina have developed this vaccine patch. His trials will begin soon.

The first test will be performed on animals. Scientists have applied to the US administration for approval of the patch. If such a patch is applied to the penis instead of injecting it with a needle, the patch responds to the immune response ten times faster.

When the vaccine reaches the body with the help of a patch, the response of T-cells and antibodies is faster than that of a needle-injected vaccine. With the help of this patch, the vaccine can be delivered directly to the skin’s immune cells. Therefore, the vaccine is used more efficiently and effectively.

When the rats were vaccinated with such a patch, their antibody response was found to be very fast. The vaccine patches are fitted with very thin 3D printed micronidals (needles). These patches are applied to the skin and vaccinated. The pain is much less than with a normal needle.

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