Narendra Modi And Joe Biden: ‘I have brought some documents for you too’

Washington; Leaders Online: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of the United States. On Friday, he met with US President Narendra Modi and Joe Biden. At this time, there was a spontaneous dialogue between the two leaders. Narendra Modi thanked Badyen for the warm welcome in the United States. An interesting incident took place when both the leaders were interacting with the media. Modi’s response to the discussion on Biden’s personal name caused laughter in the entire hall, including Biden’s.

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Narendra Modi and Joe Biden interacted with the media. This formal dialogue was somewhat open-minded. Biden shared his memories of his 2006 tour of India. The humorous reply given by Modi at this time enlivened the atmosphere in the hall.

Biden commemorates India tour

This time Biden was reminded of his 2006 tour of India. “I was the vice president of the United States at the time,” he said.

I had visited Mumbai while on a tour of India. I was asked by journalists at the time if you have any relatives in India.

Then I said, I have no; But in 1972, when I was 29 years old, I received a letter from a person in Mumbai.

“My last name is Biden,” he said. But I could no longer contact him. While on a tour of India, I was told by journalists in India that the last names of five people here were Biden.

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A few days later I came to know that there was an East India Tea Company in India in the 18th century.

The company had George Biden. George was married to a woman from India.

Because of this, the last name of some people in India was Biden. But I never met them.

So the purpose of this meeting is to help me find Biden’s family in India, he said.

Prime Minister Modi’s sarcasm

Prime Minister Modi immediately responded to Biden’s remarks.

He said, “You also mentioned people with the last name Biden in India.” You also mentioned this while discussing it with me. I have also tried to find some documents in this regard.

These documents have been brought along. It may happen that you will find this document useful, Modi’s reply sparked laughter in the hall with both the leaders.

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