The number of corona patients worldwide is declining

Geneva: The World Health Organization has given good news. The number of corona infections worldwide has been steadily declining, the organization said. The number of weekly ‘Covid-19’ patients and deaths has declined globally. This decline is particularly pronounced in Southeast Asia.

The weekly update ‘Covid-19’, released this week, said that between September 20 and 26, more than 33 lakh new patients were found and more than 55,000 died. That number is ten percent lower than the week before. Globally, the number of weekly ‘Covid-19’ patients and deaths is declining. The biggest decline was in the Mediterranean region (17 percent), according to a new weekly survey. It is followed by the West Pacific (15 percent), the Americas (14 percent), the African region (12 percent), and the Southeast Asian region (10 percent). The situation in the European region is similar to last week. Worldwide deaths have dropped by 15 percent, excluding the European and African regions.

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