Philadelphians, as a whole, love their sports (by love I mean either yell at the TV in anger or are eating cheesesteaks so they can’t yell). Fightin’ For Philly caters first and foremost to these lovable creatures — myself included among them — and secondly to lovers of Philadelphia as a whole.

Everyone else can go put their heads through a wall for all I care.

My name’s Bobby Whittle, and I’m the founder of Fightin’ For Philly. It all started a couple years back when I started tweeting my thoughts on Philly sports out for our crazy fan-base. The account spurred on a website, which spurred on a clothing line. The clothing line soon grew to dominate Fightin’ For Philly, as you can see with the flagship site now consisting solely of apparel.

If you pronounce water as wooder, love Chase Utley, wish that Claude Giroux had grabbed your butt and completely despise New York, then Fightin’ For Philly is for you.

Some athletes can be seen wearing Fightin’ For Philly, although not during games despite my earnest pleading. Those guys include Jake Diekman, Michael Raffl, Ian Laperierre, Domonic Brown and JP Crawford.