Will the Sixers Sign Jimmer Fredette?

PHOTO: D. Clarke Evans / NBAE / Getty Images

PHOTO: D. Clarke Evans / NBAE / Getty Images

Yahoo! Sports insider Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Kings are finalizing a buyout of 25-year old Jimmer Fredette’s contract.

Fredette reached national fame in 2011 with his outstanding college play, unanimously being named the best NCAA player of the season. Since being drafted with the 10th overall pick in the 2011 draft, Fredette hasn’t seen much playing time with the Kings. The fanbase has been fairly divided over the past few years over the little playing time Fredette has been given. It now seems as if the franchise is moving on from Fredette.

But this provides an excellent opportunity for a team with nothing to lose to give Fredette the playing time to see what kind of player he can really be. This is where the Sixers come in.

Sam Hinkie will definitely take a look at Fredette. He fits the bill of a younger guy who has the potential, but simply hasn’t been given the chance to succeed in the NBA.

A problem, however, arises in the log-jam at point guard the Sixers currently have. Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten have filled that spot for most of the season, and now Eric Maynor is in the mix.

Wroten has some flexibility, and should be able to move around on the court in the event that Fredette is added. Maynor would see his playing time significantly reduced.

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