Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams Almost Fought Today


Today, Poppel Sports Memorabilia held an autograph signing that included former Phillies Mitch Williams and Lenny Dystra.

According to multiple witnesses, the two former Phillies were involved in an altercation that nearly turned into a fight.

Here’s the owner of phillyinksigning.com‘s story:

Another witness who was at the signing chimed in, confirming the other’s report:

It’s not breaking news that Williams and Dykstra don’t get along. In August, Williams compared Dykstra and Curt Schilling to “diarrhea and vomit.” Here‘s a link to a video where you can see Dykstra trashing Williams.

Dykstra said he has kept in contact with all members of the 1993 Phillies team — except for Williams, because he blew the World Series for them.