Rumor: Flyers Interested in the Canucks’ Sedins


The Flyers are reportedly making calls to inquire about Henrik and Daniel Sedin, hockey insider Josh Rimer is reporting.

Here’s an excert from Rimer’s article:

Speaking of the Canucks, Negotiations have not been going well with the Sedin’s and Mike Gillis. A little birdy told me that Gillis has been receiving phone calls from other NHL GM’s about the Sedin’s services, and that Gillis is entertaining the thought of moving them. One Team I’ve heard mentioned, The Philadelphia Flyers. After firing their coach last week, and still not getting the results they want, Paul Holmgren is looking to make a splash. Things just got interesting. 

The Sedins, twins who are 33-years old, could provide a much needed spark to the Flyers’ offense if acquired. Henrik, a center, could see a move to the right wing position, while Daniel remains at left wing. With Claude Giroux centering them, the Flyers would have the most dynamic first line in the NHL.

The Flyers’ next top forwards – Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, and Jakub Voracek – would find their way to a permanent spot on the second line after bouncing between the top two for the first 8 games of the season. That is, of course, assuming none of those guys would be traded in a deal for the Sedins.

The reason the Sedins are on the market in the first place is their contract. They both come at a $6.1 million cap hit for the 2013-14 season, and their contracts expire after that. They should be reasonably priced, since Rimer s reporting that negotiations between their party and the Canucks are not going smoothly.

Philadelphia would undoubtedly have to dump a ton of money in other ways to land the Sedins. Meszaros and his $4 million cap hit would surely be gone, but other moves would have to be made.

The Flyers, at this moment, appear not to have the talent at the forward position we all assumed they had. Giroux, although finally getting assists, still has no goals. Tye McGinn has a team-leading 3 goals – and has only played in 3 games. Sean Couturier has shown a drop-off in the high expectations that were had for him. Matt Read has no points. Jay Rosehill is on the roster. The list goes on. And on. And on.

The bottom line is, Paul Holmgren knows that if the Flyers don’t manage to make a miracle comeback, he’s getting fired. He obviously needs to shake things up, as the Flyers are simply stagnant at the moment. For example, realize that the Phillies have scored 3 runs more recently than the Flyers scored 3 goals. The Phillies’ season has been over for 19 days.

Henrik and Daniel, drafted 2nd and 3rd overall, respectively, in the 1999 NHL Draft, could be the spark that saves Paul Holmgren’s job.

Really, what does Holmgren have to lose?